Sorry, not much here yet. PHP Profiler will become a valuable asset to anyone developing large PHP applications. All are welcome (and encouraged) to help with its development. PHP Profiler is currently based on the Nexidion PHP Profiler. This was a good place for us to start development since we had never even looked at the Zend internals before. Unfortunately, this also means things are broken. Right now, the profiler compiles and runs on a FreeBSD 4.3 x86 machine but has a few serious bugs, mentioned in the BUGS file. Basically, the entire "function call catching" architecture, borrowed from Nexidion, must be rewritten. It might be possible to hack the current system into working but there's too much strangeness there that I would like to replace with well understood and documented code.

For now, visit our SourceForge Project Page to download the latest release and test/fix the hell out of it. You can also browse our CVS repository.

If you are interested in developing the PHP Profiler but don't know much about the Zend internals, I reccommend checking out the Zend header and source files included with the latest release of PHP. In particular, I think the Zend/zend_execute.c file might be useful for rewriting the function call logging routine.

Last but not least, please be patient. I am new to all aspects of writing Zend extensions so things will be hairy for a while. Hopefully by moving this project to SourceForge others will get involved to speed its development.

Please email me with questions or comments.

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